Traditional Thai Massage

Unearth the physical and psychological benefits of Traditional Thai Massage. Elwood Thai Massage has great deals on this relaxing and rejuvenating massage therapy.

Relaxation Massage

Take a break form the stresses of a busy lifestyle with a rejuvenating Relaxation Massage from Elwood Thai Massage, located at 77 Glenhuntly Rd Elwood.


Deep Tissue Massage

Explore the therapeutic and relaxing benefits of Deep Tissue Massage at Elwood Thai Massage. This therapy is great for alleviating stiffness as well as chronic aches and pains.


Sports Massage

Come into Elwood Thai Massage for sports massage therapy to help get you in shape for an event or assist in the faster healing of your body after periods of increased activity.


Discover the relaxation and health benefits of reflexology at Elwood Thai Massage. Benefits include speeding up recovery from injury, treating migraines and mood disorders and stimulating well being.